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DE ACS High School Teacher of the Year Award:

The Delaware Section of the American Chemical Society is accepting nominations for the High School Teacher of the Year Award.  

Eligibility: Delaware high school teachers who have not previously won the award within the last 5 calendar years. The winner will be chosen by the Delaware ACS Education Committee based on evidence of excellence in teaching. The winner will be nominated by the Delaware Section for the ACS Division of Chemical Education Regional Award in High School teaching in the year following his/her selection. Winners may need to supply additional information to the Delaware Section in support of this nomination.

Award: Cash awards of $250 to the teacher and $250 to the teacher’s school.

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Have you heard about ACS Science Coaches?

ACS Science Coaches are chemistry professionals who share their expertise and enthusiasm for science with an elementary, middle, or high school teacher over the course of one school year. 

Available to chemistry grad students, professionals and retirees, science coaches volunteer to assist one teacher at least six times during one school year. Some coaches work behind the scenes, while others prefer to interact with students. They may help the teacher plan, assist during labs, present lessons, or mentor small groups of students. Each partnership is a little different with each chemist and teacher deciding together how they will combine their expertise and interests to improve the science education experiences of students. 

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