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On August 23, 2010, at the ACS National Meeting in Boston, John Gavenonis delivered a presentation entitled, "Federal Public Policy Advocacy for Chemists," as part of the "Chemistry and Policy: Solving Problems at the Interface" symposium organized by the MIT Graduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC).  The presentation provided an overview of ACS policy advocacy efforts at the federal level, with a focus on Delaware Section efforts with federal legislators and the America COMPETES Reauthorization bill currently before Congress.  The audio and charts from John's presentation be accessed at the following URL...




MIT Institute Professor and former Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch, also a presenter, described the symposium in an ACS press release as "one of the most carefully planned, and most important symposia, I have seen at an ACS National Meeting... The more people with chemical training are involved with the policy-making process... the better that policy will be for our country."  Other symposium speakers included Professor George Whitesides (Harvard) and Dr. William Rees (Los Alamos National Laboratory).  More information about the symposium can be found at...




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