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The Carothers Award

The Carothers Lecture Award was established by the Delaware Section of the American Chemical Society in 1976 in memory of Wallace H. Carothers, one of the founders of modern polymer chemistry. The purpose of the award is to honor scientific innovators who have made outstanding contributions and advances in industrial applications of chemistry. The award is sponsored by the Delaware Section and by local chemical companies. Beginning in 1999 the Carothers Award includes a $2000 cash award.

The award is a sculpture, commissioned by the Delaware Section, of two hands molding a benzene ring, depicting man shaping molecules. The artist is Mr. Domenico Mortellito, a well-known local sculptor, muralist, and painter, who pioneered the use of synthetic materials in the fine arts.

Carothers Award Recipients

2017        Stephen L. Buchwald
2016        Joanna Fowler
2015        George Lahm
2014        Roy Vagelos
2013        Paul Anderson
2012        Donald A. Tomalia
2011        John Duncia
2010        Ronald Knudsen
2009        Jean Fréchet and Hiroshi Ito
2008        Harry Spinelli
2007        Richard DiMarchi
2006        Alan Davison
2005        Richard F. Heck
2004        James C. Stevens
2003        Frances H. Arnold
2002        Joseph DeSimone
2001        Ching Tang
2000        Robert S. Langer
1999        Barry Sharpless
1998        Mario Geysen
1997        Walter Kaminsky
1996        Edith Flanigen
1995        Herbert Eleuterio
1994        Ralph Hirschmann
1993        David Bryant
1992        C. Grant Willson and Murrae Bowden
1991        Frank Bovey
1990        Paul Janssen
1989        John Franz
1988        Paul Morgan
1987        Paul Weisz
1986        Lewis Sarett
1985        Paul Flory
1984        Alan Hay
1983        Louis Plambeck
1982        Jon Sinfelt
1981        William Baker
1980        Carl Marvel
1979        Herman Mark
1978        Edwin Land


The ACS Delaware Section seeks nominations for the 2019 Wallace H. Carothers Award to recognize outstanding contributions and advances in industrial applications of chemistry. The award consists of a $2,000 cash prize and a sculpture  Past awardees include Richard F. Heck, Joanna Fowler, Robert Langer, Barry Sharpless, Stephen L. Buchwald, Jean Frechet, and many other accomplished scientists.

Nominations should include the nominee’s name, present position, and address; a concise résumé of the nominee’s professional career; a narrative summary of the scientific achievements that form the basis for the nomination, including explanations of the importance of the work, as well as its financial impact, if possible; a list of honors and awards with the dates received and the organizations conferring them; and a list of the nominee’s more important publications. Additional supporting letters are encouraged.  E-mail materials to Nora Radu at nora.s.radu@dupont.com.  Those who want to recommend a highly qualified person but do not want to submit a nomination can e-mail the person’s name and affiliation to Radu. The ­deadline for nominations is March 15th.